At Affordable Medical Resources, we believe in partnership. 

And, we want to be yours when it comes to caring for your loved ones. To do that we work to gather as many helpful resources, for you, as we can.

In addition to licensed staff to cover both medical and non-medical needs, we want to be your go-to for those other needs that come along with providing quality care.

Below are a few of  those organizations that we can connect you to, and who will care for your loved with as much dedication and professionalism we do!



disABILITY LINK is a 501c3 Center for Independent Living (CIL) located in Tucker, GA. (DeKalb County) serving 12 counties throughout the greater Atlanta area. Throughout the 15 year history of the organization, disABILITY LINK has been a regional leader with regard to resources, empowerment, advocacy and equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities.

disABILITY LINK Services Inlcude:

  1. Americans With Disabilities Act Trainings & Compliance Information
  2. Assistive Technology Workshops and Trainings
  3. Community Outreach & Advocacy
  4. Educational & Empowering Workshops with Community Partners
  5. Emergency Preparedness Resources & Education
  6. Employment & Vocational Services
  7. Home Modification Assistance
  8. Housing Assistance Programs
  9. Independent Care Waiver Service Coordination
  10. Independent Living Skills Training
  11. Information & Referrals
  12. Medical Care Access Assistance
  13. Nursing Home Facility Transition Programs
  14. Peer to Peer Support
  15. Public Transit Use Training
  16. Transportation Voucher Programs
  17. Volunteerism Opportunities
  18. Youth Empowerment (Ages 14 to 29) Programs.



With information about applying for benefits, dining out, or taking a trip, we provide resourceful insights into topics to keep your child and family active. We have also compiled a set of government, financial, legal and other general resources, in addition to local workshop, that may be helpful for families. 


Brown & Ros Medical Transportation
Brown & Ros Medical Transportation provides non-emergency transport to its clients who need reliable, on-time transportation to medical appointments. The company is known for its SUV, late-model vehicles that have been designed to allow their passengers’ experience to be that of a ride with a friend – with passenger seats or a roll-in option for wheelchairs. Brown & Ros can also accommodate stretchers.
Transportation should be timely, professional but also enjoyable. Valued clients don’t have to endure long waits or be concerned when their driver will return to pick them up. Brown & Ros is one of the select partners used by a number of national transportation networks because of its reputation for reliability, attention to its clients’ needs and prompt, compassionate service.
To learn how you can engage Brown & Ros for your area transportation needs,
contact Rosalind Shavers at 770-899-8142
Serving metro Atlanta and its surrounding counties. “It is our privilege to serve you.”

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