Our Clients

Our Clients

At AMR we don’t have a typical client profile — each and every one of our clients is unique and we always custom cater to the specific needs of every single client. No matter what the situation, we believe in providing a qualified, courteous, knowledgeable caregiver to assist with your every need.

Most of our clients can be broken down into three categories: elderly clients, clients with disabilities, and clients with injuries.

Elderly Clients

A large portion of our clients are elderly clients who don’t want to give up the freedom and luxury of living in their own home. These clients range from those who only need help with certain tasks such as bathing to those who need full in home assistance with everyday life.

Our elderly clients have the benefit of staying in their own home and living their own schedule. Unlike in a nursing home, our at home elderly clients can enjoy all the luxuries they’re used to in their own home. Additionally they can live their life on their own schedule — wake up when they want to, eat when they want to, and do various activities when they want to. They don’t need to conform to a predefined nursing home schedule.

We also work with our elderly clients to keep their out of expenses as low as possible.

Clients With Disabilities

Another large portion of our clients are those with disabilities. We work with nearly any disability, ranging from clients who are confined to wheelchairs to clients with mental disabilities. We have experience with and understand the needs of clients with disabilities, and we pair these clients with caregivers who understand the needs of clients who are disabled.

Our clients with disabilities have the benefit of living a normal lifestyle right in their own home. This means going for walks, engaging in the events they want to do, and having a caregiver by their side to assist them with any event they struggle with.

We also work with our disabled clients to keep their out of expenses as low as possible.

Injured Clients

While these clients are with us for a much shorter duration than our other clients, we certainly cater to those who are injured. Whether you were hurt on the job or injured in a car accident, we can provide temporary and short term caregivers to assist with your everyday tasks.

Getting well is much easier from the comfort of your own home rather than a rehabilitation center or hospital bed. Our caregivers can help get you home faster and on the road to recovery, while enjoying the comforts and everyday activities you’re used to. From helping with meals to assisting with daily tasks, our short term caregivers are an excellent option for anyone injured or suffering a short term disability.

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