The Rise of the Elder Orphan

  The yesteryear tragedy of the child orphan is now greatly affecting the senior population, as the “elder-orphan” population continues to expand. A senior without a local support system can be considered an “orphan.” The tag of elderly orphan isn’t necessarily attached to economics; our culture of […]

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May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, making this a good time to become aware of the many different types of mental health conditions and learn the warning signs of each to support family members and loved ones who struggle. Many organizations are working to prevent the stigma associated with these conditions […]

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Medicare card to drop Social Security number

In the bill passed by Congress and signed by the President to increase the pay for doctors caring for Medicare patients, there is a provision that will remove a seniors Social Security number from their Medicare card. Senior advocates had protested the practice of listing the number […]

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Be our guest for CEUs and dinner March 4, 2015

Free CEU Program  & Dinner for Practice & Case Managers, Social Workers & Nurses     2 CREDIT HOURS Two ethic or core / clinical hours (ASWB); 2 clock hours for Case Managers (CCMC), 2 contact hours for Nurses (accepted by GA RN board) Ethics & Pharmacology Sponsored […]

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Employee Referral Program

You can help Affordable Medical Resources Inc, a friend, and yourself by participating in Affordable Medical Resources Inc.’ Employee Referral Program. If you are an eligible employee, you can earn a cash award of $100.00, if you refer an external applicant who is hired to a designated […]

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Introducing Affordable Medical Resources!

Affordable Medical Resources has been caring for your loved ones for more than a decade! In March 2014, we were commended for outstanding performance by the Northeast Georgia Area Office on Aging, a fact that we are very proud of because it lets you know of our commitment to the competent, complete […]

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